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Grail of Affection is an oil based pheromone cologne that comes in a 30ml dropper bottle.  There are a guaranteed 21mg of pheromones per 30ml bottle.  The formula contains a proprietary blend of 4 unique pheromones, 2 of which are Beta Androsterone and Androstadienone.



You have to keep the romance alive. Isn’t that what all the forty-year anniversary couples tell you? Of course, they all have gems of advice: Learn to laugh, never go to bed angry, and learn to always concede to the woman. That last one’s a joke (or is it?). But let it be known that making your partner feel like they made the best choice in the world being with you is incredibly important. Not only are you a safe haven for them but you make them feel over the moon. Reinforcing that every chance you get is a no-brainer!

There are so many ways to show your appreciation to your partner, some that are small (a box of chocolate) and some that are big (a Trip to Paris), but the real challenge is promoting the trust and love between the two of you in a consistently passive way. Just being around your partner having her know you love them and they love you without doing any thing special, that is the type of vibe I designed Grail of Affection to target and amplify.

In the war of love, every boost is worth a look. You’re already putting in the effort and hell, maybe you’ve just planned an absolutely amazing date night. Why not add a little push? With Grail of Affection, you do just that. Formulated to specifically work with the pheromones naturally produced between two people in love, Grail of Affection takes what’s already there and makes it a little more potent. Trust, love, and appreciation are all attributes that are enhanced by the Grail of Affection.

Holy Grail be damned, this is what you need. After using the Grail of Affection, you can finally ask them whether or not they hid the remote from you that one night. No one said you had to use this nifty little thing for benevolence!


General Recommended Dosage 1-3 Drops
Recommended Dosage by Your Ethnicity Drops
White 2
Asian (Oriental) 1
South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, etc.) 1
Hispanic 3
Black 3
Other Use General Recommended Dosage. Or give us a Call!

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8 reviews for Grail of Affection™

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is an amazing product for anyone in a relationship. It works amazingly well on my beautiful Bride. If she’s stressed or in a bad mood, this does the trick to make her feel calmer and happier again. Even for you single guys, if you want women to feel connected, safe and happy in your presence this is the product for you. It definitely does what it says, an amazing relationship enhancer!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you want women to go all googly-eyed and crushy-lovey-dovey in your presence, then you need to include Grail of Affection as a staple in your stash. Grail of Affection also leaves a lasting impression of its wearer in the minds and hearts of women when the latter have been exposed to it for an hour or so. This product is also good if you are already in a relationship or married, and Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit – expect your woman to transform from FemBorgApoclypticZilla into a cuddly kitten in your presence when you wear Grail of Affection. And at other times, use it to create a much closer bond with your woman.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing. Two best for reset is XiSt and GOA. But XiSt not work for my wife. But GOA is MIRACLE. A+++++

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ok, I’ll admit I read reviews with skepticism. But here is mine. This was the second order I made, the first not so impressive. But this product already has turned out better. I wore this when I went with my teen daughter to the eye Doctor. Now, I am in great shape for a 60 year old, but I don’t look much at 20 year old women. I usually are mostly invisible to them. But from the eye doctor, who made a point of putting the testing machine so it focused down her cleavage, to the three 20 something ladies in the front, I have never seen that much attention. It had to be the grail. I only used about three drops. But all three ladies made a point to smile and stand next to me, the eye doc tried very hard to get me to stay longer. it was interesting. All I can say is as much as I was disappointed with my first order, this one was a hit.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick Rieden

    Has pull and attraction.
    Insidious with prolonged repeated exposure.
    EXCELLENT pms defence.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great product!!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Had my 30 ml GOA sitting around in my PC room drawer since around 4/16, Hardly use it as i am 67 yo and married, Now my wife of 23 years has been as cold as the south pole for the last 2 years at least, never a kiss or a touch of her hand just an unfriendly snarly type of language, she does not drive and i am the resident driver door mat.
    For the last 3 weeks i have woken up after midnight and applied just one drop of my unscented GOA below each ear, Now i have been amazed what a massive difference, She has been speaking to me just as friendly as she does to her friends Even has held my hands once, and on about 3 occasions over the last few weeks said “Love you” What a massive turn around in her disposition towards me ever since i started using the GOA just 2 drops total, sometimes i miss a day or two which proves to me that the imprinting of this product is very much in force and to be true GOA has put me back on the map within my home also many women that i am in contact with and they are always friendly and i always regard them as just friends as i do not even consider them except as platonic friends well the GOA is also stimulating these women /girls judging by their extra clinging friendly nature, which only goes to show GOA enhancing social settings , I have some Captain arriving any day soon and i can see it is going to be a learning experience as an adjunct when giving the GOA a rest You bet i am thankful for my GOA

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent product, beyond excellent value. This one is potent, and I always have it in my arsenal (though I do not wear it with frequency). Once attuned to this combination, one can really see where it can have profound effects on both the wearer and those around them. I typically utilize this product with a goal-oriented mindset— and the “goal” usually is not the first one that comes to mind. In fact, I have successfully used this formula to “terminate” two separate relationships; both were similar in nature: casual, sexual friendships with ladies who repeatedly exhibited the same general traits. In short, these ladies both had strong attraction towards me. We had shared numerous “encounters” together, ranging from planned to spontaneous; many were even non-sexual in nature. These were ladies I consider friends, and frankly… as I saw it, they were/are purely “FWB,” as certain traits shared by these two landed them outside of my own “relationship material” status. As such, each had stated their desire to extend our current circumstances beyond casual and into a more serious relationship. Naturally, I made clear what my expectations were. On the occasion where I had decided to make these terms clear, I wore GOA (by itself). Both times, after intimacy, when their desires were stated, that’s when I made my own expectations known— then got dressed and walked away. In both circumstances, I’d left on good terms, but had done precisely what I had intended. While some may read this as a “less-than-positive” experience— remember: it is I who states the circumstance as my own. And I definitively state both as positive outcomes. I write this to illustrate the power of this combination, when used with congruent emotional affect, and in circumstances of heightened arousal. GOA allowed me to both “seal the deal” with these ladies, and ultimately assisted me in “closing” as well— and knowing without a doubt that I linger in their minds to this day, still able to remain casually intimate with them, but with having made it clear that any long term “relationship status” simply will not happen.
    With GOA… the wearer lingers in the psyche of others indefinitely; a skilled wearer determines exactly HOW we are kept in said psyche. Powerful tool.

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