Eileah is an alcohol based pheromone perfume that comes in a 10ml or 30ml sprayer bottle.  There are a guaranteed 7.5mg of pheromones per 10ml bottle (23mg per 30ml).  There are 4 unique pheromones in Eileah designed to eliminate anxiety, gain confidence, and earn respect.

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This product, Eileah, means more to me than just a confidence-boosting pheromone formula. Let me share a story with you that will explain just why this exists, starting with my sister.

My sister’s name is Eileah. That’s right, this is named after that lovely gal. I had both the privilege and the misfortune of watching her struggle through medical school to get her Ph.D, forced to watch as she tore herself down in some aspects but persevered and never gave up in other ways. Ranging from exam jitters to some intense worries about the schooling atmosphere that was present at the time, confidence was a rare commodity and it was in a quite distinct shortage.

Worried sick myself about how she would walk away from this stage in her life without any lasting scars and with hopefully some great memories, I got to work. How could I help her out? She had done so much for me over the years. It was during that brainstorming process that I came up with it: a pheromone formula that boosted confidence.

With some in-depth thinking, I created a specially designed formula containing 4 unique pheromones that has two main effects, all instrumental in how a person might succeed in their ambitions. First, the pheromones will exude an aura of confidence visible to all. Second, Eileah will deliver that same confidence aura which affected everyone else onto the wearer themselves so the not only will they act confident, but they FEEL confident. A double whammy, Eileah serves to give you the gift of confidence and assertiveness in a small bottle, giving you that slight push you needed to buckle up and tackle all the challenges in front of you without a second glance.

I’m incredibly proud of my sister and I think you should be proud of yourself as well. So how about it?

General Recommended Dosage 1-3 Sprays
Recommended Dosage by Your Ethnicity Sprays
White 2
Asian (Oriental) 2
South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, etc.) 2
Hispanic 1
Black 1
Other Use General Recommended Dosage. Or give us a call!

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